Flexible and fun English daycare for families in Tokyo.

What we do:

The Aoyoama IDLC is designed to help families with their children’s daycare and English education needs with an easy and affordable system. Parents are welcome to stay anytime to play and work. Professional highly experienced English speaking staff will be on hand for support and for learning center activities. Parent participation is highly recommended. Let's work together and create a great learning environment for our children!

青山IDLC(International Daycare & Learning Center)とは、お忙しいご家族のためにお手頃な価格で英語教育と託児所を一緒に行うシステムです。スタッフは学校の中では英語のみ使用します。英語を話す経験豊かなスタッフが学習サポートを行っていきます。未来を担うこども達のために一緒に素晴らしい学習環境を作りましょう!

Age Requirements

You may participate on a part time or full time basis. Contact us or join our Open School Event for more details on minimum or maximum hours.



Aoyama Branch

Minato-Ku, Kita Aoyama
Head Teacher

Ana Wong

Our original Aoyama location is just minutes away from Omotesando station. We provide drop-in care using an ticket system. For families with more regular schedules ask about our Monthly and Set packages.

The Head Teacher in our Aoyama Branch is Ana, who is also the general manager of the AIDLC. She works with the teachers from both branches and makes sure that all our the children in our school get the best care.

Although we are a daycare, we do provide lots of structured activities along with open free play time.

If you are interested please come and visit us to learn more!

3-5-2 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Daini Seiho Bldg.2F. 107-0061
〒107-0061東京都港区北青山 3-5-2-2F第二青朋ビル
Monday to Friday
9:00am ~ 6:00pm

Myogadani Branch

Bunkyo-Ku, Koishikawa
Head Teacher

Dianne Mariano

Our Myogadani Branch, which we call AMB, is run by Dianne. Located in Tokyo's education district, Bunkyo-Ku, we have children with lots of unique backgrounds and different educational goals.

AMB is also close to our sister school Joy to the World American International School. Sometimes we play together at the park with friends from Joy.

Diane creates a fun and warm environment with lots of great actives for children all day.

Please call or email to make an appointment with Dianne to visit our Myogadani Branch.

5-1-4-1F Koishikawa, Bunkyo-Ku
〒112-0002 東京都文京区小石川5−1−4−1F
Monday to Friday
9:00am ~ 6:00pm

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One Time Fees

Application/Registration Fee

Hourly Rates (9am - 6pm)

Hourly System (minimum 2 hours)
時間制 (最小2時間から)
¥1,400 per hour/
Drop-In Ticket System (10 Hour Ticket Set)
チケット制 (10時間分セット)

Package System

Must use hours in the same month. Only available from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Package plans can use the hourly system or tickets from 3 p.m - 6 p.m.

40 Hour Package
65 Hour Package

Full Time System

5 Days M-F
(5日間 月~金)
9am - 3pm ¥94,500/月

9am - 6pm ¥105,000/月
3 Month Full Time Package
Sign-up for at least 3 consecutive months for this special price.
 連続で最短3ヶ月受講する場合のみのお得な パッケージです。
9am - 3pm ¥84,000/月

9am - 6pm ¥94,500/月
All fees are subject to change. 全ての諸費用は変更の可能性があります。

School Calendar

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